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Technology Jobs

Willis Towers Watson’s Technology careers offer many rewarding benefits.

We are not just an insurance or consulting firm.
  • We are a company known for its innovative analytical tools and software platforms—products being developed by bright, creative people with skills like yours.
Here at Willis Towers Watson, your talents will be put to excellent use.
  • We look not just for individuals who have tech expertise and can follow a roadmap—we seek those who can create the roadmap.  Much of our client work is groundbreaking and has never been done before, so our open positions demand all-stars with the right kind of knowledge, creativity and drive to ensure this work is a success.
When you join us, you will be exposed to cutting-edge technology with global implications. 
  • You’ll join teams who are already building on their skills, learning a new industry and working on emerging technologies to advance their careers.
    We have a diverse, flexible culture and many internal opportunities for upward career progression.
    • From performance reviews to continuing training and regular feedback, we offer the variety, development and challenges you seek in a long-lasting career. And we are also a great place to work.
    With Willis Towers Watson as your employer, you can look forward to a varied and rewarding experience.
    • Our teams are small and agile, collaborating on the effective delivery of quality software. You could enhance and refactor software architecture and develop new components. Or you might develop completely new products, while participating in wider technical continuous improvement activities. The options are endless, and we are excited that you are considering us.


    You will be joining a software business that transforms the experience of millions of people around the world. Using cutting-edge technology, you’ll put innovative software into the hands of HR professionals and employees to help make their working lives easier. We’re agile, and we’re working with some of the most exciting technologies available.

    • You will provide input into the strategic direction of our product portfolio
    • You will have opportunities to continuously improve how we work and develop our products
    • You will work closely with R&D and delivery colleagues from across the globe
    • Check out our HR Software


    We serve our clients’ employees—people like you—who must navigate various HR platforms and information in support of compensation, benefits, and training.

    • We serve multinational corporations who need to gain control and transparency into their HR processes
    • We serve the HR professionals who need to make strategic data driven decisions to push the business forward
    • We serve the millions of individuals who interact with HR processes on a daily basis
    • We create software that enables millions of employees worldwide to understand where they are in the complex world of HR


    • Work as part of a global development team with developers in the US, Europe and Asia
    • Be part of closely knit product teams that provide focus and rapid development
    • Work in a company that provides effective user friendly software, world class data and unparalleled consulting services in one package
    • Be part of a team at the forefront of the business’s strategy for rapid expansion
    • Help clients from across the globe including Fortune 500, FTSE 100 and more
    • Join an agile development culture that encourages collaboration


    Technology permeates all of our businesses, from Corporate Risk & Broking to Exchange Solutions, to Human Capital and Benefits and Investment, Risk and Reinsurance.  Keep reading to learn more about how your efforts can directly impact these businesses.


    What We Are
    The Risk Consulting and Software (RCS) business of Willis Towers Watson provides advice, solutions and software primarily to the insurance industry—but increasingly serves as a risk specialist across a variety of industries. These pioneering software products are market-leading globally. We are a $370 million business with over 1,200 colleagues operating in 35 markets worldwide.

    We are a preeminent developer and provider of risk analytics and financial modelling software. We combine the technical innovation and engineering expertise of our software development professionals with the actuarial knowledge and thought leadership of our insurance consulting business to provide world-class solutions that help our clients measure value, manage risk and safeguard solvency.

    Who We Serve
    Our team advises more than three-quarters of the world’s leading insurance providers—more than 1,000 of them. Our additional clients include many of the largest financial services companies, regulators and other insurance-related entities. RCS is also the world’s largest provider of actuarial software.

    Impact You’ll Make
    Your skills are key to our success! As part of the RCS team:
    • Your efforts will play a direct role in helping clients manage risk and capital, improve business performance, and create competitive advantage.
    • You will join in the development of risk analytics and financial modelling software products that help our major insurance clients worldwide.
    • You’ll innovate and engineer world-class solutions that help our clients measure value, manage risk and safeguard solvency.
    Products on which you could work include:
    • Super-compute scale financial modelling solutions
    • Real-time pricing delivery systems
    • Advanced analytics applications
    • Big data scale scoring of driver behavior from in-vehicle telematics data streams
    What We Are
    Exchange Solutions is the largest private Medicare exchange program in the United States. Founded in 2004, our Exchange Solutions business creates cost efficiencies for our employer clients and provides our individual customers with improved choice and control over their health benefits.

    We also provide group health care plan administration / outsourcing and consumer directed account administration (HSAs, HRAs, FSAs, and commuter accounts) across both traditional and exchange offerings for U.S. clients across the size and complexity spectrum.

    A changing healthcare landscape creates new opportunities. With our combined understanding of regulation and risk, behavioral insights and technology platforms, we create innovative exchange-based services and solutions that enable people to navigate options with confidence, and give employers decision-making peace of mind.

    Who We Serve

    We help Fortune 500 companies, unions, and municipalities realize significant healthcare coverage savings for Medicare-eligible retirees. As a trusted leader in private Medicare exchanges, our health insurance professionals also offer expert advice and enrollment assistance to help individuals choose the best plan to match their medical and financial needs.

    Impact You’ll Make
    • By developing and maintaining the underlying platform for our OneExchange product, you will help us continue to redefine how health benefits are offered and delivered.
    • You’ll influence the healthcare exchange products used by 1.2 million employees, retirees and their eligible family members from over 1,500 employers—including 90 of the Fortune 500—to choose their health care and other insurance coverage each year.


    What We Are
    The only entity more complicated than a big company is an individual human. And HR is the lone department that must manage both.

    High-performing institutions cultivate and grow talent, carefully balancing costs and rewards. Willis Towers Watson's Human Capital and Benefits (HCB) business segment  is uniquely structured to help benefit programs control costs, drive engagement, increase productivity and deliver education.

    From employee benefits to executive compensation, we take a rounded perspective, based on leading-edge thinking, data, analytics and software, unearthing new ways to motivate people, foster wellbeing and implement solutions that work.
    Who We Serve
    Our HCB segment includes four areas:  Retirement; Health and Benefits; Talent & Rewards; and Technology & Administration Solutions (TAS).  Each of these areas relies on the software we create, especially TAS. Our software customers bring us unique challenges every day and we respond with dependable and elegant solutions.

    The TAS business is the administration provider of choice for the top 200 UK pension funds. Our proprietary system, Benefit Connect UK, supports over 175 clients with 2.3 million members. We develop modern technology solutions to support internal administration services and responsive web solutions for members and clients.

    Impact You’ll Make
    Cookie-cutter software works fine for companies of a certain scale. But the largest organizations in the world require a dynamic combination of enterprise-strength technology, world-class professional services, and reliable data to power an engaged corporate culture.

    We are growing our service proposition to include master trust offering, co-sourcing and multi-language administration solutions for global clients to help meet their changing administration needs. This rapid growth means we are in need of the world’s best development talent to help us deliver these cutting-edge solutions.

    When you join us, you’ll be putting innovative software into the hands of HR professionals and employees to help make their working lives easier. We’re agile, and we’re working with some of the most exciting technologies available.

    Your work will play key roles:
    • You’ll influence the strategic direction of our product portfolio
    • You’ll be able to continuously improve how we work and develop our products
    • You’ll work closely with R&D and delivery colleagues from across the globe
    Our culture is centered around the user, so by joining us, you’ll enhance your skillset in:
    • User experience
    • User interface design for web and mobile
    • Quality assurance
    • Engineering
    • Product management


    What We Are

    Our Investment consulting business is focused on creating financial value for the world’s leading institutional investors through its expertise in risk assessment, strategic asset allocation and investment manager selection. Our global network of over 800 investment consultants covers four regions: Great Britain, Western Europe, the Americas and Asia-Pacific, and has assets under advisory of more than US$3 trillion.

    Who We Serve
    Our clients include pension funds, insurance companies, sovereign wealth funds, charities, foundations, family offices and endowments. Many of our clients are included in the Fortune 1000 lists and our firm has a dominant position with FTSE 100 companies, advising many of the U.K.'s 100 largest corporate pension funds.

    Impact You’ll Make
    • The development philosophy of our investment software development team, is based around an agile approach with flexible delivery, driven by business needs. The team works in close collaboration with investment consultants and other business sponsors.
    • The team develops and supports a data solution that automates collection, cleansing, transformation and distribution of market and client data to the Investment line of business and other parts of Willis Towers Watson globally. Our systems are developed in .NET 4.5, with every member of the team having a full MSDN subscription, ReSharper 8.2, access to PluralSight courses, flexible hardware options, as well as a team budget for other software tools.
    • Applications fall broadly into the following areas: 
      • web-based knowledge management solution (used by internal and external clients)
      • platform for financial modelling and the user interfaces to it
      • data hub for financial market data
      • reporting tools

    Below are some of our open positions in this area, but this is not an exhaustive list. For a complete list of open positions, please search by location or click on Jobs.

    At Willis Towers Watson, we are committed to maintaining an environment of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action. If you need a reasonable accommodation to access the information provided on this web site, please contact the office where the position is located for further assistance. If you need an accommodation to interview for a position or at any stage of the recruiting process, please contact your recruiter.